Ban Appeals

If you have been banned, we offer you the choice to appeal your ban using a formal ban appeal form. Always remember that staff do not ban without definite proof, and trying to lie to us will only make the process of getting unbanned more lengthy or even keep you from getting unbanned at all (depending on the severity of your offense). We don't want to permanently ban players from ever coming back, but we will if we believe a serious offender hasn't learned his/her lesson and will continue to be a nuisance. If you are still not confident about your chances of getting unbanned, refer to this guide prior to filling out an appeal:

Getting Your Ban Appeal Approved

The most important part of getting unbanned is using the correct ban appeal form. Not only does it make it easier for staff to quickly read it and come to a decision, it also shows that you are serious about wanting to get unbanned and are willing to be professional and cooperative. Remaining calm, polite, and straight to the point in your ban appeal will earn you more respect and greatly improve your chances of getting unbanned quickly.

1. Copy the following form:

(Clicking the form will select it all. You can also fill out the form from here, then copy it.)

2. Post your ban appeal:

Create a new thread in the Ban Appeals section on the forum, paste your form and fill it out. Use the following link to quickly open a new thread (you must be registered to forum):

Open a new ban appeal thread

Register an account on the forum